Theme of exhibition: CONTROLS/CTRL+S
This year we are looking for answers saved as jewellery of the following questions:
Do the rules control us or the other way around? Do we adapt to the rules or do we overwrite them? Do the traditions inspire us or they make our hands tied? 

My project:


Patriarchal stereotyped attitudes still prevail in Hungary with respect to the position of women in society.”

UN Human Rights Committee, 2018

New school books still contain gender stereotypes, depicting women as primarily mothers and wives and, in some cases, depicting mothers as less intelligent than fathers.“ Sargentini Report, 2018


Slowly and cunningly a system of conventions sneaks into your life that teaches you that girls should give doll’s dinner-party, and boys don’t cry, that there is blue and pink, and it is not for You to chose.

The verb is „to cook”, the noun is „mom”. Let’s analyze the sentence: Dad is reading the newspaper.

Kings, emperors, heroic stratagems at each and every move. Ancient times hammer men’s oppressive dominance into you.

You think it is the past, and you have done with these customs. Today everything is on track: women can also study and earn a degree, you are an optimist as well. After all it is the 21st century!


Then suddenly you realize that you are a female colleague whose arm is being pawed. That no matter how well you perform you are not getting forward. That you earn less then men at he same post.

Ctrl+S... You would like to overwrite the past and the traditions, but in vain.

A woman can be complete only as a mother – whispers the world around you and weaves the net tighter around you. You stop your ear and howl to

deafen the noise. It is too late. Tick-tack, tick-tack, on top of the time bomb it is your biological clock that ticks. Can you hear it? You can hear it, can’t you? whispers the world and gives you a tug.

It is a gray zone you are walking in; it has not been black or white for a long time.

Careerist, feminist, penis envy – they hurl at you as you are tottering your way. You swallow and eject yet an other spike towards the bubbles of gender stereotypes...