Theme of exhibition: Symbiosis. 
I wear it. It describes me.
Describes me. I wear it.
Soon we are going to arrive, where there is no point to think about ourselves without the other.
/ Mónika Ferencz

My project:


The idea of Time-Clip originates in stocks – this medieval device of punishment. Stocks were originally made of wood, and consisted of two boards that could be parted and then closed around the culprits hands, feet or neck. In line with the 21st century city lifestyle wood has been replaced by concrete to be the basic material of this stocks-ornature. Heaviness, weightiness - concepts associated with concrete, suggest that its application as embellishment is something abnormal, problematic and extraordinary.

I have no time. I’m busy. I’m in a hurry.

These are the most frequently used sentences in the everyday hustle and bustle of our modern city life. I have no time. I’m busy. I’m in a hurry. We tune our lives and adjust just everything in accordance with this.

Time. Time. Time.

We try to get rid of and avoid everything that results in a waste of time or requires attention and care. In the name of efficiency we can tolerate only the simplest, fastest solutions.

It is the same in case of our jewelery. We choose it, put it on, wear it, and although we are in contact with it the entire day, hardly ever are we aware of this contact. We have no time to care about it. At the end of the day we take it off and no feeling of ours whatsoever is attached to it. We are independent of it.

Time-Clip is a large ornature that due to its size is impractical to wear. It does not fit smoothly in our everyday lifestyle. And that exactly is its goal: to attract your own attention. It determines, affects your conduct, it slows your activities while you are attaching experiences and feelings to it.

At each action you have to consider its size, its movement. It requires continuous attention, and thus it provokes feelings of the one wearing it. Therefore you are continuously aware of your ornation, it occupies your mind, and in the meanwhile you slow down a bit. It requires attention and care, and most of all you have to devote time to it; you cannot forget about it. Wearing Time-Clip you cannot be in a hurry or a flurry. With it you can clip time onto you. It requires slow and cautious moves that can be perceived as a kind of punishment for one with an impatient, rushing personality. It generates emotions – whether annoyance or wonderment – in its wearer, so that by the end of the day you cannot be indifferent towards it, you must have some feeling about it when you take it off. Each day a new experience, a new memory is attached to it, and the weight of these special moments make the ornation heavier and more significant.

This symbiotic relation that develops between the ornation and its wearer is beneficial for both. The wearer slows down and gains a more peaceful lifestyle and the experience of paying attention to oneself, while the Time-Clip is linked to us by more and more memories and feelings, it gains importance and from a simple object it becomes a store of memories.


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