It started with a book.

When I was around 8 I got a fantastic, colorful, DIY book for children. It was about jewelry making from very simple materials like paper and glue, plasticine made of salt and flour, yarn, painted pasta and so on. That was my Bible for years. I tried every technique, every material and also combined them. I am so fortunate that my parents are very patient and after finishing the 1000th necklace they were still enthusiastic.

And I still have my book:


The desire the create something from scratch is still with me. I am an Architect now, I design residential buildings. It is a great job, a superb job. But it takes so much time to finish a whole building... So I turned back to jewelry making. 


The idea of making jewelry of concrete came from the thought of breaking with traditions and general habits. 

First of all concrete has a few-hundred-year history as a building material but using it for jewelry making is far from general and this way a new feature of concrete can be showed. Second time concrete is rather related to the men's world. In contrast to that I make concrete jewelry especially for women. 

I aim to be able to leave behind a traditional, conservative world with deeply rooted gender rolls and face a new, open minded one.

This thought inspired me when I continued  working with concrete and I felt I would like to show not only the material itself as jewelry but also its inner structure. The final, polishing phase reveals the true kind of the material. I would like to show you this hidden, mysterious world that is under the surface and what makes every jewelry a unique piece.